The membership of the NMA is composed of individuals and institutions who are actively engaged in museum work on a professional or volunteer basis at non-profit institutions and educational agencies or who are interested in the fundamental functioning of museums.

Individual Membership: $15.00
Institutional Membership: $30.00

Membership is on a calendar year basis, January 1 to December 31. Payment is due by February 15.

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Membership Benefits

Members Receive: 

  • The NMA newsletter The Phoenix featuring:
    • Nebraska News—News and events happening to Nebraska institutions
    • News & Events—National and international events that might interest you.
    • Links—New links to check out on the Internet.
    • Published Materials—The latest publications available.
    • Deadlines—When and where grants are due.
    • Exhibits—Nebraska museums share their exhibition schedule and information.
    • Awards & Honors—Congratulations to those who deserve recognition.
    • People Moving Places—Who’s leaving and arriving at Nebraska museums.
    • Furrows—Technical leaflets.
    • Conferences—Annual meeting news.
    • Classifieds—Where else can you advertise to over 350 professionals.

The Phoenix of the Nebraska Museums Association is published for the members of the NMA. To be included, material must be received by the 15th of the month proceeding the date of issue.

Wanted: Advertisers for Nebraska Museums Association Classified Ads. Here’s the inexpensive way to reach over 350 museum professionals statewide only 10 cents per word. Research topics, position vacancies, artifact searches, consulting services – these and more can be effectively advertised here (free for members). Send ad copy and check, payable to NMA, to the Communications Editor.

Please send The Phoenix items to the Communications Editor.

Additional NMA Membership Benefits:

  • NMA members receive a Priority Code to use when ordering archival supplies through Gaylord Brothers Inc. A percentage of purchases made with the Priority Code will be donated by Gaylord Brothers to the NMA Program Fund.
  • Opportunities for scholarship funds to attend the NMA Annual Conference
  • NMA Annual Conference
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning Manual
  • NMA Directory  – special listing
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Cooperative purchasing
  • Workshops
  • Technical Assistance
  • Environmental Monitoring Kit: NMA is pleased to announce the availability of an Environmental Monitoring Kit.  Made possible through an IMLS Conservation Grant, the Environmental Monitoring Kit will allow NMA members to test their collection’s environmental conditions with equipment to monitor relative humidity, temperature, and light levels.
  • Access to our book and videotape library

Books to Borrow:

These books are useful for a variety of museum management needs. They may be checked out individually or in any combination. Contact the Nebraska Humanities Council for check-out instructions at 402-474-2131.

  • Access to the Past
  • Care of Antiques
  • Exhibits for the Small Museum
  • Furniture Care and Conservation
  • A Graveyard Preservation Primer
  • Ideas and Images
  • Identifying American Architecture
  • Identifying American Furniture
  • Interpretation of Historical Sites Landscapes and Gardens
  • Museum Public Relations
  • Museum Store Management
  • A Primer for Local Historical Societies Nomenclature
  • Starting Right
  • The Tasteful Interlude
  • Transcribing and Editing

Videos: [ Title, Year, Presenter(s)]

  • Exhibit Materials, 1993, Curt Peacock
  • Board Development, 1993, Larry Sommer & Sandi Yoder
  • Long Range Planning and Disaster Planning, 1994, Don Hill, Bob Wallace, Phil Kwaitkowski, Jim Bert
  • Managing Photographic Collections, 1992, John Carter
  • NSHS Conservation Programs: Storage, Handling, and Environmental Controls Preserving Your Family and Local History, 1993, Cindy Drake
  • Research, Writing, and Label Making for Museum Displays, 1992, Eli Paul, Richard Jensen, Curt Peacock
  • The 3 R’s of a Volunteer Program, 1993 Linda Anderson
  • Oral History, 1994, Barbara Sommer
  • Custom Clothing Mounts, 1994, Curt Peacock
  • Collection Management & Postwar Collecting, 1995, Gail DeBuse Potter
  • Grant Proposal Writing, 1995, Gwen Meister
  • Caring For Your Collections, 1996, Julie Reilly
  • Emergency Preparedness, 1996, Julie Reilly & Deborah Long
  • Preserving Our Past, Protecting Our Future, Introduction to Historic Preservation, 1997, Bill Callahan & Carol Ahlgren
  • NE Newspaper Project, 1997

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