Disaster Relief Mini Grants

The Nebraska Museums Association began raising money for a natural disaster relief fund after the devastating floods in 2019.  In 2021, the Board approved the Covid-19 pandemic as a qualifying disaster. A limited number of grants up to $500 each are available to Nebraska cultural organizations to assist with payment for supplies, equipment, services, etc. needed in response to disaster damage.  Examples of expenses these grants might address include, but are not limited to, the costs of technology upgrades to serve audiences remotely.  These items may include webcams or computer equipment, but basic expenses are also eligible.

NMA’s board of directors will evaluate grant applications and award funding to qualified Nebraska cultural organizations based on order received, nature of damage, and perceived need and impact of funding.

Grant requests are accepted from qualified 501(c)(3) Nebraska cultural organizations recognized by the IRS as qualified recipients of tax-deductible gifts.  Grants to organizations that discriminate based on race,
gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, creed or ethnic group are not considered.

Grant recipients are expected to submit a brief report to treasurer@nebraskamuseums.org documenting how the funds were spent within 6 months of receipt.