Collection Management

The conservators at the Gerald R Ford Conservation Center (a division of the Nebraska State Historical Society) have simplified collection management documents created and used by the Collections Division at the Nebraska State Historical Society.  Please feel free to download these basic templates and reconfigure to the needs of your Nebraska Museum.  The templates are Microsoft Word documents. If you are unable to open them, please contact, for pdf versions.

Access to Collection

Acquisition form

Acquisition Policy

Artifact Numbering Instructions

Artifact transport guidelines



Condition report form glossary

Condition report form procedures

Condition report form

CoSA Pocket Response Plan

Damage report

Deaccession form

Digital Image log

Education and Use Collection

Emergency Plan Template

Environmental conditions and monitoring

General Artifact Handling Rules

Handling prospective donations


Helpful Websites

Housekeeping Incoming loan form

IPM exhibit monitoring sheets

IPM monitoring sheets


IPM Treatment guidelines

Loan for Copy Receipt

Museum Filing system

Outgoing loan form

Patron Research Policy

Patron Research Registration Form

Procedures for purchasing

Registration procedures

Sample letter to donor

Statement of reimbursement due

Temporary Custory Receipt

Theft report

3 thoughts on “Collection Management

  1. Super
    I have been having questions and this answers some of them.
    Another questions that I have:
    What happens if you have an items(s) that have been here so long and no family members (that we know about) aren’t available to contact. Is their a NEbraska Law or whatever?
    Thanks for the above.
    Your institution does an excellent job.

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