The Nebraska Museums Association (NMA) was established in 1990 as an outgrowth of the Nebraska Futures Project, Inc. This statewide task force felt that the quality of life could be advanced by contributing to Nebraska’s cultural resources.  Since 1990, NMA has worked to serve the needs of Nebraska’s cultural resources and those who care for them. A few of the projects undertaken by NMA include:

*2011 Round Table Discussion
Leadership styles and how that plays in building a successful organization and can help us improve our leadership.

NMA work teams answered the questions: Why NMA, Who NMA, What can NMA bring to help the cultural non profits of Nebraska?

Strategic Initiatives were set for Professional Development, Networking, Marketing, Shared Experiences, Membership, and 2012 Conference Planning.

*IMLS PSP Textile Conservation Needs Assessment Project
A statewide assessment of the needs for textile conservation will be conducted, followed by a series of basic textile conservation care workshops offered in each region of the state. Outcomes will include training materials and may results in acquisition of textile conservation services through the Nebraska-based Ford Conservation Center, a division of the Nebraska State Historical Society.


*Emergency Planning Guide
Underwritten by a grant from the Woods Charitable Fund, Inc., this project has involved a survey of emergency preparedness planning by Nebraska museums, development of a emergency preparedness planning workbook which offers step-by-step instructions for creating a useable emergency plan, and a series of workshops offered in each region of the state. 

*Unclaimed Property Legislation
The Nebraska Museums Association assisted in creation of legislation to allow for the systematic resolution of ownership and disposition of unclaimed loans and property held by Nebraska museums and to protect the rights of museums, donors, and citizens.

*Guild’s Quilt Preservation 
Working with the Nebraska State Quilt Guild, NMA has assisted with a project to document quilt collections in public museums across the state and to provide assistance to participating museums in caring for their quilt collections.

*Video Conference Grant Workshops
Bringing Speakers of National and International Distinction to Nebraska
These speakers include, among others, Michael Spock. Mr. Spock is considered A pioneer of children’s museum. In the 1960’s, Michael Spock worked at the venerable Boston Children’s Museum, one of the nation’s first such museums.